Here you can download the relevant Release Forms (please read first)

Many shots do not require release forms for them to be used by a third party. Typical examples of this are works containing natural scenery, cityscapes, traffic, general objects, and so on. Furthermore, most works are usable for editorial or newsworthy purposes.

However, in the event that your submitted content depicts or contains use of private property, individually identifiable people, persons, designs, art, logos and trademarks, and other issues related to private property, like music, and this constitutes the main part of the content, the common practice is to sign appropriate release forms in order to allow for publication, commercially or not.

Signing a release form is done to secure the privacy of individuals and rights associated with private property. Also, there are different practices guarding the use of content shot in a public space versus a private space.

Securing appropriate release forms makes it easier for customers to purchase and use the content you offer through Clipcanvas, because they thereby understand in which way this content has been released for publication and use.

To secure such releases, you may use the following release forms:

(*Note: If you have questions regarding the use of different release forms, please take a look in the FAQ for sellers section, read the License Agreement or the Submitter Agreement, use our Contact Form or search the internet or Wikipedia for topics/discussions about ‘model release,’ ‘property release’ and similar terms.)