It is easy to value our Producers’ rights to be credited and acknowledged.

Crediting and acknowledging the holders of copyrights to works is an important and relevant aspect of using content such as stock footage and derivative works thereof. Implementing good standards of acknowledgements into your workflow is easy, and inspires our producers to offer even more high quality content to the benefit all.

Based on the License Agreement, acknowledged by all users of Clipcanvas, any user should strive to credit and provide copyright information on the Producer as the copyright holder and Clipcanvas in conjunction with any presentation or production distributed on DVD’s, other types of storage media or through broadcasting or web-TV channels that are open to public viewing. This is quite normal.

Credits and acknowledgements are not required for advertisements and other types of productions where credits and acknowledgements are not normally suitable or would interfere with the production or derivative work’s intended application. Nevertheless, you should strive to credit the artist when possible.

Crediting and acknowledging the Submitter as the copyright holder and Clipcanvas is easy and could contain the year of your purchased license, the Producer’s name/username, and reference to the license granted through Clipcanvas. An example is provided below:

[ex. Copyright NAME ARTIST, License granted through, YEAR].*