First of all, upload your best clips, not necessarily everything you have. The default sorting on Clipcanvas is partially based on how many clips you have sold in relation to the amount of clips in your whole portfolio. So to get more visibility on Clipcanvas, make sure your portfolio is helping you, not dragging you down. Very high technical quality is essential. HD clips must look stunning in HD, not just a web-version.

Be creative in your work, and look for subjects, compositions and approaches to your work which can complement our database. Many usual subjects is covered thoroughly, and prices pressed low, so keeping your portfolio fresh and exciting is important. The more unique footage you have, the better the chance of selling it for a higher price.

Customers seldom needs clips that are longer than 20 seconds, so if you have longer sequences, edit them down and upload the best parts. Remember that the first five (-5-) keywords are the most important, and that good keywording is essential – customers must be able to find your clips. If your clips does not meet our quality inspection, they will be rejected without further notice. This also applies to incorrect and sloppy keywording and other metadata. Please see the ‘Adding keywords and metadata’ section further down for more info on this.