The technical requirements regarding uploading content are easy to follow. Currently, we only accept HD quality content with 16:9 aspect ratio in a Quicktime .MOV file container format and the most relevant codecs: PhotoJPEG, DVCPro 25/50/100, ProRes HQ, H264 native, HDV, XDCAM, IMX50, DNx and DNxHD. We do not accept DV material any more unless an explicit agreement is made with Clipcanvas. Make sure you read the producer guidelines and metadata guide.

  • Our system DOES NOT ACCEPT videos in any other containers than .MOV.
  • If your content constitutes a different codec, try one upload and see if the clip appears for tagging. If not, the codec/container is not accepted.
  • Make sure the bit rate is high enough. This is typically at least 50 mbit/s.
  • FPS should be between 24 and 60.
  • Each individual clip must have a duration of at least 2 seconds, and should generally not be longer than 30 seconds.
  • The file may not exceed 750 MB. If any of these technical requirements are not fulfilled, you work will automatically be denied.

If you are having problems, or questions regarding this, please use the Contact Form. If a clip does not meet the technical requirements, it will be deleted.