The customers that wish to buy your video content through Clipcanvas, need to understand how they may use the specific content in question. Content may be used commercially or editorally, depending on what the content depicts and what releases have been secured. For example, if the main part of one of your video clips depicts individually recognisable people (like actors) and you wish to offer this for commercial use, a model release is required for each individual that is depicted and individually recognizable. Otherwise, your clip could at best be used for editorial purposes, or maybe even not at all.

Similarly, where individually recognizable property is depicted and constitutes the main art of the content, including trademarks, brands and logos, a property release is required. In the case of logos etc. you probably would not get such a release, so try to avoid uploading such content, as it would in most cases be rejected.

The same applies to sound that it copyrighted by others, like an audio track. All submitters are required to secure the proper release when needed and provide such a release upon request, according to the Submitter Agreement.

In any case, spending some time learning about the different areas of use for video content is both interesting and worthwhile, so make the best of it and use common sense.