Clipcanvas are aiming to be the best, not the biggest. This is why you almost certainly will experience having many of your clips rejected from time to time. We demand outstanding technical quality, as well as originality and creativity in your work. We will reject clips that are similar to what we already have, clips and concepts that we have in abundance, clips with dubious technical quality – both in terms of the filming and the video itself, clips of the same subject in a batch, clips with bad, wrong or innacurate metadata, clips with obvious keyword spamming, clips with low commercial value and clips for any other reason that may appear to prevent us from offering it for sale here on

We no not give explanations of why clips are rejected – simply because we do not have time. So asking us about it will not get you any answers, but in all likeliness, the reason is one of the stated above. Read the Producer Manual and the Metadata Guide to make sure you do not violate any of our “traffic regulations”.

The smartest thing you can do to avoid rejections is follow the instructions above, and screen your clips before uploading to only pick your best, most unique and stunning clips – and also spend the necessary time on adding the correct metadata. This will save both you and us some time so we can both focus on offering great content to buyers.