When you have upgraded your membership to become a ‘Submitter’, you are ready to start uploading your footage for sale. However, before you upload everything you have, Clipcanvas needs to approve your footage to make sure the technical quality (codec compression, bit rate etc.) is good enough. Important – read our microstock producer manual and keywording and metadata guide first!

Our customers are quality minded, and Clipcanvas must make sure every customer is satisfied with the quality we deliver. This is why all new Submittters must start by uploading maximum 5 clips that represent the quality of the footage you intend to upload for sale. After uploading maximum 5 clips, you must keyword them and send them for approval where Clipcanvas will inspect the clips. If the clips ends up with a status as ‘Published’ you are welcome to upload more footage of similar, or better, quality. If the clips are ‘Not approved’, Clipcanvas will unfortunately not accept more of your footage.