Before your work is published and publicly available for identification, review and purchase by any customer, our content managers revise and provide quality assurance for the individual content in question. We make sure that you have provided the required information and that both the technical and filmatic quality is up to standard. Reviewing content is an important step in the process of assuring high quality to be offered to the customers buying your content and for securing safety of use.

Therefore, we take great care to provide for this, and the time it would take for a clip to be reviewed and acknowledged depends on the amount available for review and the quality of the data you provide. In the event that there is a longer backlog awaiting publication confirmation and quality assurance it would take longer time, and in the event that there is no backlog it is usually done within five working days.

In any case, we strive to work our queue as soon as possible and hope you agree that quality assurance is important, both for you and for your potential customers. For new Submitters, please be aware that reviewing your first clips may take longer, as we need to inspect the original files thoroughly.