By adding individual clips to a ‘Clipbin’, you store them for later, so that the next time you log in to the account you may resume your work from where you left off. When you add a clip to Clipbin, it is automatically placed in the bar on top of Clipcanvas. Here you can either save them in a new bin, or place them in an existing bin.

Access Clipbins and make all the changes or updates you like in ‘Your account’ under ‘Clipbins’. You can make as many Clipbins as you like, and add the clips you want into them, and also remove clips afterwards. You can name the Clipbins whatever you want, for instance something that relates to the project you are looking for stock footage for.

Let the Clipbins you create be a tool for creative work and for revising content you or others in your team are considering working with, and remember to save the ones you need for later. You can also edit them at any time, if you need to.