When you have uploaded a clip it is ready to be tagged from ‘Your account’ after a short while. When submitting tags or keywords for your work it is advisable that you try to enter keywords you feel describe the clip(s) in question. The first 5 keywords are the most important!!

Think about what you normally would search for if you were looking for this particular clip yourself. How, using only a few tags/keywords, would you characterize the particular clip in question? Adding precise keywords is anticipated to have a positive effect on helping potential customers find and review your clip, thus increasing the chance of making a sale.

You tags/keywords could include anything from country, location, city, objects depicted, activity, to concepts, moods, what it is about, or other relevant aspects. It should be easy and straightforward, so just apply your common sense. If you consistently add incorrect and irrelevant tags, your clips will be rejected and your account may be suspended. Also, such behaviour is quite unsportsmanlike vis-a-vis your fellow submitters. Please see our ‘Tagging guide’ here for more information on this process.