At the moment, the online video editor on Clipcanvas is free to use, non-commercial and only intended for normal use and educational purposes, to try out the clips on offer. It is still only in beta, while we complete this service offering. It is currently possible to add clips to try out, edit and trim them, add text, effects and do some basic color correction. Also, you can add the audio made available through the interface. It is not possible to buy or download any videos from the editor yet, but you can save you projects for later and make basic changes. Using the editor is subject to the License Agreement. You can visit this page if you want to try out the online video editor. Disclaimer: Since the editor is currently an early beta version, and as such should be considered a trial-only, Clipcanvas offers no guarantee that it will be free of errors, it’s service uninterrupted, changed, modified or even discontinued altogether. Clipcanvas reserves to full right to delete any and all Compositions made using the Editor. At some point, it will be complete, with options to make your own videos, right here on Clipcanvas.