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General use (all users) >>

Clipcanvas is a royalty free marketplace for online stock footage purchase. At Clipcanvas you can search for clips, test watermarked previews and work creatively with your colleagues using our Clipbins - all for free.

When you decide to purchase clips, you will get access to the original clips in the best quality we have, and you can choose between our 18 different codecs when downloading.

All of our clips is sold under a royalty free license, which means the clips can be used wherever you want, for as long as you want, in any media you want - as long as they are used in one production. Read more About Clipcanvas.

Stock footage, stock video, b-roll, stock shots or stock video footage are common terms for the moving images that are used in a film or video production, but not shot with that particular production in mind. Typical productions where stock footage is commonly used are documentaries, television series, news programmes, independent films, commercials, sports reviews, and movies. Here is a short article from our blog the pretty much sums it up - Make or buy stock video.

By signing up to join our service, you get access to various tools to help you with your production. We offer more than 450.000 royalty free stock footage clips, mostly in HD, which are just minutes away from you. Our database is pre-selected to help your production shine, and we are pleased to offer you high quality content on all thinkable subjects.

You can download watermarked SD clips for free to test in your editing suite and you can make and work creatively with Clip bins - even email them to your colleagues for input or approval. Our database grows with hundreds of new clips each day - and our team inspects every file to make sure that you get the best possible quality when using Clipcanvas.

Searching for stock video using Clipcanvas is easy. Simply type in the keyword(s) related to what you are looking for, press enter and the results are displayed. Then narrow down the search results using the left side menu. Go here to search all our stock footage.

If you want to save some of the clips you find for later, simply add them to a 'Clipbin' or add them to the 'Shopping Cart' in order to purchase them directly, or the next time you log in to use the service. When you use 'Clipbins', please remember to save them for later. You must be logged in to save or purchase clips.

Searching Clipcanvas for footage should be easy and efficient. Try out different search strategies and explore the search interface to find the method that suits you the best!

Yes, our Producers are offering a growing selection of free clips you can download for free and use in your projects. Simply navigate to this page to see our selection of free stock footage and what is available right now. The free footage is offered with the same license as our regular footage, Royalty Free. Please see the License Agreement in the Legal section for all details. If you experience problems downloading the free clips, please try to right-click on the download button and choose 'Save as' on your computer. Browsers sometimes has difficulties recognizing the download link as a video clip, but this should solve it.

Simply put, 'Clipbins' is the lightbox or project work space for storing and reviewing stock video clips you like or take a particular interest in. Just REMEMBER to save them to make sure they are there next time you log in.

By adding individual clips to a 'Clipbin', you store them for later, so that the next time you log in to the account you may resume your work from where you left off. When you add a clip to Clipbin, it is automatically placed in the bar on top of Clipcanvas. Here you can either save them in a new bin, or place them in an existing bin.

Access Clipbins and make all the changes or updates you like in 'Your account' under ‘Clipbins’. You can make as many Clipbins as you like, and add the clips you want into them, and also remove clips afterwards. You can name the Clipbins whatever you want, for instance something that relates to the project you are looking for stock footage for.

Let the Clipbins you create be a tool for creative work and for revising content you or others in your team are considering working with, and remember to save the ones you need for later. You can also edit them at any time, if you need to.

Yes, you can. Our Clipbins are made so you can use them as an tool for your creative work. Once you have selected your clips and saved a Clipbin, you can email them to colleagues, clients, friends or whoever you want. They can then also save the bin, edit it, and send it back to you. This way you can work creatively with the Clipbins - in an easy way. Please note that you must choose to make it ‘Public’, by ticking off ‘Yes’ when saving the Clipbin if you want to share it with others. We will also be working to improve these features even further.

'My account' is the place to go to get access to and edit information regarding your purchases and downloads, personal membership information and data, if you require invoices/order confirmations, to review your order history, sales history, uploaded files, uploaded footage, provide additional information, request payments, review your account balance and so on.

We aim to make our service as intuitive and easy to use as possible, so give it a go and explore the different sections to familiarise yourself with the contents and possibilities.

All the information related to your membership may be retrieved and edited from 'Your account.' Your details are guarded by our privacy policy.

If you have trouble with your login, please make sure that you do not have CapsLock switched on or otherwise typed in the letters incorrectly. Alternatively make sure that you have allowed for cookies (settings for this are usually found in the 'Tools' menu for your web browser) and that you have activated the required Java script functionality.

If you still experience problems, wait for a short time or try restarting your browser, then try again, and/or contact us with a brief description of the trouble you are experiencing and we will help you out as soon as possible.

If you have forgotten, misplaced or for other reasons do not have access to your password and/or UserID, you may request this information to be delivered to you from the regular login page, or use the Contact form to get in touch with us if this did not solve your problem. Remember to accept/whitelist incoming emails to you inbox from Clipcanvas and check the spam folder in your email account if you did not get an email after having requested it.

At the moment, the online video editor on Clipcanvas is free to use, non-commercial and only intended for normal use and educational purposes, to try out the clips on offer. It is still only in beta, while we complete this service offering. It is currently possible to add clips to try out, edit and trim them, add text, effects and do some basic color correction. Also, you can add the audio made available through the interface. It is not possible to buy or download any videos from the editor yet, but you can save you projects for later and make basic changes. Using the editor is subject to the License Agreement. You can visit this page if you want to try out the online video editor. Disclaimer: Since the editor is currently an early beta version, and as such should be considered a trial-only, Clipcanvas offers no guarantee that it will be free of errors, it's service uninterrupted, changed, modified or even discontinued altogether. Clipcanvas reserves to full right to delete any and all Compositions made using the Editor. At some point, it will be complete, with options to make your own videos, right here on Clipcanvas.


Purchase and payments >>

We currently offer prices in USD, EUR and GBP. Toggle the button next to the cart to see the amount in your preferred currency. Please use third party currency converters to see what this corresponds to in other currencies.

Since Clipcanvas is a Royalty Free stock video site exclusively, we only sell full clips as you see them on The fixed price includes the whole clip, but you are of course welcome to edit the clip down to you needs.

If you need an invoice for your purchase with with new or updated info compared to what you find under 'Order history', you are able to update it online. Please go to 'Edit user details' and update the info you need in the invoice. Your invoices will then be updated with the new info, and you can print/save them as usual.

If you represent a company and would like to avoid using credit cards or PayPal every time you want to make a purchase, we offer to bill you for any amount you need and credit your Clipcanvas account. These funds can be used however you like by anyone given access to the account, and purchases is done instantly and without the use of any third party payment provider. All purchases can be referenced so you keep track on all transaction made from your Clipcanvas account. The amount credited can be increased at any given time. If you want to set up an account, please contact Clipcanvas here or via email support(at) and we will help you get started.

Buying stock video through Clipcanvas is easy. All you need to do is register as a member. Regisering as a member is free, and you get access to an important tool to help you in your creative work. Then you either buy a clip package with discounts, or by adding clips to 'Your Cart,' and make your payment using a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, a Paypal account, your prepay balance or through a Clipcanvas Billing Agreement).

When you make your payment you will be redirected to our secure Verified by Visa and Mastercard payment processors for payment confirmation. An invoice for your purchase is available in 'Your account'. We do not store any credit card details.

After payment, you will be redirected to download your purchase, or will find your footage in 'Your account' under 'Clip downloads'. This is also where you can select your download format of choice. Please see below or contact us if you have any questions regarding this.

Yes, by registering as a user at Clipcanvas you get access to free, watermarked copies of lower resolution (DV) that you can use in the timeline of your editing software. Please feel free to try out any clips you like before making a purchase or visit the video codec and formats download page for video samples or check out the free footage section.

Yes, clip prices are fixed at the moment of purchase. This means that you will not have to pay any more than the price you see next to each clip. The royalty free license, download, possible purchasing fees - all is included in this price.

The clip prices are fixed. The price you pay is dependent on the plan or clip package you decide to use.

Yes. Any transaction is registered and you will receive an order confirmation via email. You will find all the receipts for individual purchases in the 'Order history' section of 'Your account.' If you need these for your personal or corporate files, simply print them out or store them digitally. You can also add you own invoice reference information during the checkout process if you want to.

Clipcanvas uses the secure third party Verified by Visa and Mastercard technology to handle payments using Visa or Mastercard. When buying clips, you will be forwarded to the secure payment processing website to follow the procedure as described there, and complete your purchase.

After your purchase is confirmed, you will be returned to Clipcanvas to download your clips. A copy if your invoice for your records is also available in your account after purchase. We never handle credit card details directly. If you want to set up a Company Billing Account instead, then please reach out to us using the Contact form. If you experience problems paying with credit cards, please try paying with PayPal from 'Cart' as they also offer direct credit card payment without the need to have an account there.

Clipcanvas does not handle or store any information regarding credit card payments.

If you experience problems using credit card payment, please make sure you are either using a Visa or a Mastercard to start with. Secondly, make sure you have sufficient funds to complete the purchase. Checking with your bank that everything is okay is also recommended. If none of this helps you, please try the other payment option in 'Cart' - PayPal. They also work as a credit card payment provider, and you can pay directly with credit cards without having a registered PayPal account - or use regular PayPal payment. Should you still experience problems after trying these options, please 'Contact Us'  to get in touch describing your problems including which actions you have tried and not. We will get back to you as soon as we can and do our best to help you.

Clipcanvas offers the global services of Paypal for transactions. When purchasing clips, you will be forwarded to PayPal where you can either use your existing PayPal account, or use a credit card to pay for your clip(s). (All major credit cards accepted.)

To get answers to problems you experience related to payments through PayPal, please visit their Help Center. All third party payment providers operate independently of Clipcanvas, and we are sadly not able to help with problems relating directly to this. If your problems are lasting, we recommend you try your purchase by credit card. This option is also found in 'Cart'. Please also not that it is possible to pay directly with a credit card through PayPal without having a PayPal account.

Registered companies could be eligible for a Company and Billing Account at Clipcanvas. This way your account will be credited with a required amount, and purchases can be made directly and without the use of Paypal or credit cards. You will be invoiced after each transaction, or as per your agreement with us. If you want to set up a Company Billing Account, then please reach out using the Contact form or send us an email via support[at]


Downloading and formats/codecs >>

After your payment is completed, please navigate to "Video downloads" in My Account. You will see a button called "Download file". You can also choose to click the link just below which says "right click here and "Save as"" if you have any trouble using the button.

All clips are delivered by default in a .mov container. You will see the codec that applies to the clip under "Clip details - ID XXXXX" next to the specific clip.
Most clips constitutes a 16:9 aspect ratio, including anamorphic, and are for the most part in high definition (1080). The resolution information is displayed in connection with all clips. Please contact us if you are uncertain about the aspect ratio of a clip.
If you need to convert the purchased clip into another codec or format, there are several, also free, software solutions you can use after downloading the clip(s).

The speed of downloading your purchased media files depends on the size of the files in question and the amount of broadband capacity you service provider is offering. A typical media file of 120 MB would normally require approximately 3-5 minutes to download (given a regular broadband download connection speed of 6-7 Mb/second).

Your purchased clips will be available for download for 7 days after you have made your purchase. Please make sure you download the required versions/codecs/formats within this time limit.

Sometimes web browsers do not understand that the 'Free Download' button is for a video clip, and opens a long web page with what looks like random letters and numbers. If you experience this, please try right-clicking on the 'Free Download' button and choose 'Save as' on your computer. This will start the normal download and you will get the clip as soon as the download is finished.


License and use >>

The stock video you purchase through Clipcanvas may be used worldwide for advertising purposes, video production, web tv, documentaries, presentations, websites and so on. The idea is to provide you with a multitude of high quality creative stock video shots that you can use to make your own work stand out even more. Content licensed under commercial terms may be used for most purposes, while content licensed under editorial terms are intended for relevant documentary or newsworthy works only. Check this article you want more background information on the legal aspects of using stock footage, read through the License Agreement for more details or Contact us if you have specific questions.

Clipcanvas offers royalty free (RF) video on behalf of our professional photographers and video content suppliers. The royalty free license that we offer means that you pay a fixed, one time license fee for using the footage in question. The royalty free licence includes worldwide distribution rights, in all media and in perpetuity. In general terms, this means you can use and re-use the footage to include in your video production and derivative works whenever and for as long as you want.

This makes it easier and more convenient to use in a wide variety of projects, ranging from advertising, documentaries, arts projects and other creative pieces of work. For all details, please review the License Agreement.

When you review the stock video clips the relevant technical information is displayed. As we deliver most formats on the fly, you may select the quality that corresponds to your requirements. If you for some reason have trouble using the format you have selected you should contact us using the Contact Form or email us via support[at], and we will do our best to help you sort it out.

A lot of content does not require release forms in order to use it for commercial or editorial purposes. However, for content aimed at commercial publication and use, Model Releases are required in the cases where any individual person is depicted or individually recognizable, like an actor/actress, and this constitutes the main bulk of the footage in question.

Similarly, where an individually recognizable property constitutes the main content depicted, including trademarks, artworks, brands and logos, a Property Release is required.

In the event that release forms are needed, all submitters are required to make sure that they secure such releases in compliance with the Submitter Agreement, and are required to provide them on request. If you are in doubt, please contact us by sending an email to support[at] Go here to download copies of general release forms.


Other buyer issues >>

Most of the clips on Clipcanvas does not include sound, but some do. The easiest way to find them, is including keywords like 'sound' or 'audio' with your other search phrases. If you do not hear anything when playing the clip (remember to have your speakers on) the clip does not have sound.

The easiest way to make footage purchased at Clipcanvas fit in with the rest of the content in your editing suite and timeline, is to convert the clip with the settings you are currently using for your project. This way, the converted clip can be used without rendering every time you make a small change in your project.

All major editing suites offer this kind of convertion. Try exporting the purchased clips with the settings from the project it is to be included in, and import the converted clip to your timeline to continue working.This might effect the speed of the clip, so you must do this at your own discretion.

Because there are several different codecs, some of them might not work on your editing suite/software. If you download a purchased clip that will not open or is not accepted by your editing suite/software, there are several different things you can try.

First, find out which codec your software supports. Check you softwares manuals, it will probably tell you.

An option is to download codec packs that enables your software to work with more codecs than the default options.

You can also use a video converter to convert the clip to a codec or format you can use. There are several, free video converters available. If none of these options works, feel free to contact us and we will still do our best to help you.

If none of the the other FAQs answered your question, concern or issue, feel free to contact us via the Contact form, or on mail[at]

In order to contact Clipcanvas, we encourage you to use the Contact Form to get in touch with us or send us an email via support[at] We will respond to your query as soon as possible. Please try to find your answers in the most frequently asked questions section before reaching out to us. This way, you may find what you are looking for quickly and we save time to bring you more great footage.


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We wish you the best of luck in your work and hope you find what you are looking for!