About Us

Clipcanvas was started in 2007, in Oslo,Norway, as a source for Film makers to find Royalty-Free video clips for their movies. Today it has become one of the largest exchanges for video clips in the world, with offices in Oslo and in California.

Hundreds of thousands of customers choose between the 600,000+ video clips that have been filmed by tens of thousands of movie makers all over the world.

Excellent video footage is becoming a more significant part of our lives. The quality of TV, Film, Internet and Corporate film making is always improving.

Film makers and Agencies are getting more pressure to produce better films with less, at the same time as more and more amazing film makers are making great quality footage. In a shrinking world, viewers expect to be able to see full details on their screens, which are often difficult to film:

  • Limited access – hospitals, government buildings
  • Geographical – exotic locations, icebergs, volcanoes
  • Time Lapse – flowers opening, clouds, sunrises, crowds
  • Nature – exotic animals, marine life, deserts

Clipcanvas fills this gap

Many of the best TV stations, Production Agencies, Ad agencies, and corporations source their stock footage from Clipcanvas because here you can:

  • search instantly for excellent clips
  • download immediately all formats, all codecs
  • get Free watermarked previews/ comps of any clips
  • get some completely FREE videos …you’ll find them right here

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  • Oslo – Norway (Head office, Support, Sales & Administration):
  • Clipcanvas AS
  • Martin Linges vei 15-25
  • 1364 Fornebu
  • Norway
  • Organisational number: NO 991 426 590 (MVA)
  • E-mail: mail[at]clipcanvas.com

if you could not find the information your were looking for on our support pages, or you want to get in touch with us, please use the Contact Form.